Do not despair.

Many cases are settled out of court. Having an effective out of court settlement can be a very effective solution to your problem.

Lifeline Legal™ can assess your case, offer legal advice, draft your out of court settlement and assist you in negotiating with your legal opponent.

To do this we could—

  1. Examine the evidence and identify legal flaws in the actions of the claimant;
  2. Build a resilient counter-case;
  3. Then work for peace, based on the strength of a reasonable out of court settlement and strong legal counterclaim.

Our aim is to ensure that you will receive a much fairer deal from your opponent. This could by preparing and negotiating a better financial settlement; securing more time in your home; gaining positive references; or reduction or writing off financial liabilities.


“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’d be right”

—Henry Ford—


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