Lifeline Legal™ is a legal service business which provides “non-reserved” legal services, offering a less-expensive alternative to solicitors.

Perhaps you are one of the vast group of people who do not qualify for legal aid, but still have grounds—but not the means—to hold out against a powerful legal opponent.

We can explore your success criteria, which might be settling out of court or achieving a fairer settlement sum. We can offer legal advice and prepare your settlement proposals and help to negotiate with your opponent.

If your case does go to court, we can help to prepare everything that you will need to submit or say in court, and even be in court with you on the day, quietly advising as necessary.

Our services are provided for a “success fee” which we will agree in advance. There are no ongoing, escalating costs—the service is all-inclusive.

Lifeline Legal™ is unique in that there are no other operations in the region offering our three-fold portfolio of services: lay legal advice, settlement creation service and accompaniment into court.

We are distinct in that we only work with those who are being oppressed—not those who are oppressing. It is important that our business does the right and ethical thing.


“Working for the oppressed—not the oppressor”

—Lifeline Legal™ motto—


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