The gold standard of portraiture is the oil painting.

Favoured by kings and emperors, oils have provided snapshots of the great and the good for centuries. An oil painting will last for generations and is the perfect way to immortalise your loved ones for both their own enjoyment and that of their descendants.

Oil paintings take many weeks to complete. This is because they are built up in several layers of oils, each of which must be allowed to dry – a process which takes at least a week for every layer.

ARTS UNIQUE™ artists work on both three-quarter-inch deep canvass – ideal if you wish to frame your portrait in the traditional way; and on one-and-a-half-inch canvass, which works well for the modern style of hanging oil paintings directly onto the wall.

For capturing a moment in time for ever, an oil painting from ARTS UNQIUE™ is unsurpassed.

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