Have you ever dreamed of seeing your name on the cover of a book? Or, perhaps, you have a wish to create a novel under a mysterious nom de plume. Well – be careful what you wish for...

My Ghost Writer™ novelists from May Queen Publishing™ can turn your story idea into a full-length novel!

Not only can we craft your novel, but it will be professionally and officially published. This means that your book will carry its very own ISBN book number and, as all books published in the UK, will be deposited in the British Library, where - as it says itself - it will be "…preserved for the benefit of future generations, and become part of the nation’s heritage.”

Your novel will be printed with a full-colour cover, and you can choose any quantity, from one copy to thousands. In addition, you will be entitled to revenue from any sales and – most importantly – your name (or your pen name) will be on the cover! You will be a published author for all time.

Put simply:

Your idea  +  My Ghost Writer™  =  YOUR NOVEL !

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