Every novel is unique.

A report by Writers Market revealed that ghost writing services typically range from $5,000 to $100,000, with the average being $36,000. Add to that the UK self-publishing costs, which can be up to £5,000. However . . .

Do not be alarmed!

May Queen Publishing™ will not charge these prices. We offer a complete service, which includes both writing and publishing, starting from just £1,900.

We do this by:

1. Absorbing half of the cost ourselves, because this is a 50—50 writing partnership;

2. Using state of the art print-on-demand facilities;

3. Not embellishing our provision with costly services that you do not need;

4. Not inflating costs with airline and hotel expenses, to be near you during planning.

May Queen Publishing™ is very happy to discuss a bespoke My Ghost Writer™ package for your particular novel. There are no up-front charges and the novel’s Prologue is free of charge. Clients pay for My Ghost Writer™ services at convenient stages, corresponding to the writing blocks. This enables you to spread the cost of your novel throughout the writing process, so that you can control the amount you wish to spend over a timescale of your choosing.

We enable our clients – and indeed our hard-working My Ghost Writer™ novelists – to have the satisfaction of seeing their creations in print. May Queen Publishing™ is one of the H. George Davis family of businesses, and we only offer services that are, first and foremost, fair to all.

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