Every commission is unique. The price list below is for guidance purposes and represents typical sizes and complexity of portraits.

ARTS UNIQUE™ provides precise quotations, depending upon specific requirements.

Promo Codes for 20% discount are valid for portraits in Pencils and Pen-and-Ink.

One subject: ... £215 (regular price)

   ... £170 (with a Promo Code)

Each additional subject: £120 (regular)

   ... £96 (with a Promo Code)

One subject: ... £250 (regular price)

    ... £200 (with a Promo Code)

Each additional subject ... £150 (regular)

   ... £120 (with a Promo Code)

One subject: 10” x 12”  ... £400

One subject: 12” x 16”  ... £650

Two subjects: 14” x 16”  ... £775

Two subjects: 18”x24”  ... £1050

Three subjects: 18”x24”... £1200


ARTS UNIQUE™ will mount your pencil or pen-and-ink portrait for £5.00, using

a lily-toned board, suitable for insertion into a standard-sized picture frame.


Canvass thickness — ARTS UNIQUE™ supplies three-quarter-inch thick canvass, suitable for framing, and one-and-a-half-inch canvass, suitable for hanging directly onto a wall.


Post and packaging - All prices exclude the cost of post and packaging, which is typically around £20, but may be higher for large canvasses.

Discount - Only one discount offer may be used per purchase.

Terms and conditions - By entering into an agreement, the client asserts that they own the copyright to the photographs which they provide, or that they have permission to use the photographs. For example, if a customer has taken a photograph or commissioned it to be taken, then they will own the copyright. ARTS UNIQUE™ and the customer share the copyright to the artwork created from the photographs, but each grants to the other a perpetual licence to use or adapt the artwork for any lawful non-defamatory purpose, and will credit the artist accordingly.

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