The victim cannot set out to overcome the oppressor entirely, because an unwanted tenant or employee cannot remain forever. But instead, if the victim understands the law and how their aggressor may have acted beyond his powers, the tables can be turned to enable both valuable time and financial benefit to be gained, enabling them to prevent their lives being devastated.

“Once you accept it, you can deal with it”

—HM Queen Elizabeth II—

A case does not need to be certain of success in order to achieve an out of court settlement. Simply demonstrating a strong defence and reasonable (although not necessarily watertight) grounds for a counterclaim, combined with the willingness to engage in protracted defensive litigation, often introduces sufficient uncertainty into the aggressor’s plans that he will settle out of court. It is not the aggressor anticipating defeat, but the possibility of defeat, combined with a need to avoid lengthy litigation and potential court costs, against a defendant who, to the claimant’s shock, will resist him and will not be browbeaten or bullied.

We can work with you to set out your own “success criteria” and help you to win something, such as more time in your home, reduction of financial liability, garden leave, positive references, etc..


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