Over 170 tenants are evicted in England and Wales every day (note 1). The North East contains particularly high rates of eviction (note 2). One of the most shocking facts concerning evictions in Newcastle, is that there is a shortage of 2,000 homes. A person who is made homeless, given the statutory two-month notice period, will typically be on the housing register for a council house for between six to twelve months before they are successful in their bid for a new home.

In addition, if they rent from a private landlord, they will have no possibility of reclaiming their deposit until several weeks after they have moved out. Without this, they may find it impossible to rent privately again. With social housing as their only possibility, they will then face almost certain homelessness unless they can find a way to stall the two-month eviction process, long enough for them to ascend the council waiting list.

They may feel that they have no more moves to make. However, if there are defects in the landlord’s possession action, will they have a lifeline. They need to know whether they have legal grounds, which is where Lifeline Legal™ can help.


Note 1:  Ministry of Justice, 2015

Note 2:  Ministry of Information: Mortgage and Landlord Possession Statistics, July to September 2016


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