PART 1: We usually begin with a telephone call to explore what you are looking for. At this stage, we will discuss the medium (pencil, pen-and-ink or oils), size and – most importantly – who will be the subject(s) of the portraits.

PART 2: We then ask you to email a key photograph that you would like us to work from. We recommend that you select an image which really shows the subject’s character.

You may, if you wish, also send us any supplementary photographs, which may assist our artists to capture the character or better understand the face in three dimensions.

It is important that the key photograph is of high quality, taken in good light (ideally outdoors) and shows clear facial detail. Generally, this will require a photograph captured with a digital camera (but not as a "selfie", which can have perspective distortion).

PART 3: For portraits in pencil or pen-and-ink, there is no deposit. For oils, we would require a non-returnable “one third” deposit as these works require substantial development by our artists.

Sample pencil portrait, copyright © ARTS UNIQUE

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Before we complete the work, we will photograph or scan your portrait and email this to you for approval. Your guarantee is that, should you be unhappy with the work at this stage, you do not have to take the portrait, and you would pay nothing further. However, assuming that you are pleased with the work, we will, upon receipt of the agreed fee, place your portrait in protective packaging and dispatch it to you by tracked Royal Mail Special Delivery.

PART 4: Your portrait from ARTS UNQIUE™ is yours to cherish forever!

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