As businesses operate with ever-increasing emphasis in disgracefully regarding human beings as merely “human resources”, to use and discard at will, a great many people have their jobs taken away from them without realising that their employer may be acting incorrectly and may be persuaded to agree to a settlement offer.

There are 4.4 redundancies per thousand employees every month in the UK (note 1). With 1,071,000 people employed in the North East (note 2), we can expect, on average, 4,700+ redundancies in the region every month.

However, many of these employees may have a potential case, if there are defects in the employer’s termination procedures. With a suitable out of court settlement offer, the employer may do the safest thing and settle out of court instead of wielding the corporate axe. Lifeline Legal™ could help achieve this.



Note 1:  Office of National Statistics—figures for September 2016, published December 2016

Note 2:  NOMIS labour market statistics—North East 2015 data


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