Building from your story idea, your dedicated My Ghost Writer™ novelist will produce a draft of your book’s Prologue, at no cost to yourself. Based upon this, you will have the opportunity to asses our work and decide whether you wish to proceed.

Assuming that you like our writing, your My Ghost Writer™ novelist will begin to plan the story outine and write the book chapters, typically, in blocks of 10 – 15,000 words. May Queen Publishing™ will then send draft copies of the writing blocks to you for comment and / or approval. The process will continue until the end of the novel.

Your My Ghost Writer™ novelist will then review their own work. At this time, they harmonise the flow of the novel, adapting and reworking earlier chapters as necessary to provide an overarching coherence of style and pace. You will then receive a revised version of the novel, complete with all typesetting and cover design, for final review.

When you are both happy with the manuscript, May Queen Publishing™ will publish your novel. The book will be assigned a unique ISBN Book Number, printed in a quantity of your choosing, and copies will be deposited with the British Library.

Within a few short weeks, your novel will be sitting proudly on your bookshelves.

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