Lifeline Legal™ also provides a support service to law firms and litigants-in-person.

This work includes a variety of in-depth tasks, such as analysis and interpretation of evidence. For example, we are able to analyse video evidence in detail and provide you with a report of our findings, to demonstrate clearly the key evidential issues required to address the relevant legal points.

For example, we can dissect CPS video evidence on a frame-by-frame basis, to establish facts which may be critical to a successful legal defence.  Please see the example page of a written report, below. (For client confidentiality, the image is a fictional report, but is indicative of the work that we undertake and have provided for our clients.)

We can also correlate video evidence with maps and plans and generate time-motion animations for display on a video screen. This can empower counsel to explain sequences, with authority, to a court, and by so doing demonstrate whether certain events were or were not possible. This could be whether a defendant would have been able to be in a certain location at a certain time or whether a defence witness would have had line of sight to an allaged incident, at a specific moment.

Examples of our work are shown below.


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